Can Hamsters Drink Out Of Bowls? The Answer May Surprise You!

You can either set up a bottle or a bowl for your pet hamster. However, you may not always have a bottle. Then, a bowl can be a better alternative.

But can hamsters drink out of bowls? Yes, hamsters are able to drink out of bowls. Yet, there are some important facts to consider before providing a water bowl for your pet. 

To ensure your hamster’s health and safety, we will learn how to provide the best drinking experience for it by using a bowl instead of other options. So, keep reading! 

Can Hamsters Drink Out Of Bowls?

Yes. Hamsters can drink out of bowls. In fact, it can be a good alternative when your hamster is not drinking from its bottle or if the nozzle is too large for it to drink comfortably. Additionally, a bowl works better when you notice your hamster is making excessive noise while it drinks from bottles.

Can Hamsters Drink Out Of Bowls

However, if you want to set up a bowl for your hamster to drink from, you may need to double-check the followings,

  • The bowl should be heavy enough that it won’t tip over when your hamster approaches it
  • It should be shallow enough that your hamster can reach the water without having to submerge its head
  • To keep the water clean and safe for your hamster, you must change it regularly

How To Use A Water Bowl For Your Hamster?

Using a water bowl is a simple and easy way to provide fresh, clean water for your hamsters. Here are a few steps to using it:

How To Use A Water Bowl For Your Hamster
  1. Choose the right size bowl. It should be shallow, but not too much. Hamsters like to dip their snouts in the water. Therefore, they can easily get their faces wet if the bowl is too deep
  2. Consider using a rock bowl, which is designed with small rocks and pebbles to provide traction. This will make it easier for your hamster to climb in and out of the bowl
  3. Put the bowl on a high platform with steps or a ramp which can lead up to it. Your hamster will have easy access to the water for this. Also, this will keep it elevated from the ground for safety
  4. Every day, change the water
  5. Additionally, maintain a schedule to clean the bowl thoroughly each day. This will prevent any bacteria-ridden objects from contaminating the water
  6. Refill the bowl when needed. Always keep an eye on the water level and top it up when necessary.

Bowl Usage: Advantages And Disadvantages

There are many benefits and drawbacks to using a bowl for your hamster. But this is applicable to the alternatives as well. Luckily, the advantages are superior to the disadvantages here.   

Bowl Usage

The advantages

  • Unlike water bottles, bowls can be easily emptied, rinsed, and refilled quickly. This is especially important when cleaning the bowl regularly to prevent bacteria buildup and other health issues
  • Bowls are more natural for a hamster since they reflect the way a hamster would drink in the wild. As a result, the hamster is less likely to become stressed or anxious by drinking out of a bowl than a water bottle
  • A hamster can drink from bowls without repeatedly pressing the bottle’s nozzle with its nose. Thus, it allows it to drink rapidly without making noise. This is much more convenient and comfortable for the hamster
  • When using a bottle, there is the potential for pressure to build up inside. This can make it difficult for the hamster to drink. In the case of a bowl, there is no such issue. Hence, water will always be ready to drink

The disadvantages

  • Hamsters might fall into the bowl, which can make them totally wet. This can make them sick
  • Dirt, bedding, urine, and feces can contaminate the drinking water
  • If the bowl is made of plastic, hamsters can chew into it
  • You need to clean a bowl more frequently than a bottle to ensure your pet’s health

Water Bowls Or Bottles: Which Do Hamsters Prefer?

As the owner of a hamster, you may try both water bowls and water bottles to provide hydration. 

Water Bowls Or Bottles
  • Water bottles are easier to install and clean, but they can be difficult for the hamster to drink from
  • On the other hand, bowls are easier for the hamster to drink from. However, they require more regular cleaning and refilling
  • Hamsters appear to be able to get the water out of the bowl easier than bottles since they don’t have to press any nozzle
  • Additionally, drinking from a bowl reflects the natural habitat of the hamsters. Therefore, they seem to enjoy drinking from the bowl more than from the bottle
  • On top of that, water bowls provide a larger surface area for drinking

Overall, hamsters seem to prefer water bowls over water bottles. 

Perhaps the following video may give a better explanation,

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You can take a look at these frequently asked questions for more information on the matter. 

Q: Can a hamster sip water out of a bowl?

Yes. Hamsters can consume water directly from a bowl. Actually, hamsters prefer to drink water or any liquid out of a bowl since it is more natural. However, some hamsters may not drink water from modern bottles when you attach them to their cage. 

Q: Can I make my hamster drink water without using a bottle?

Yes, you can. In that case, you may need to use a suitable water bowl. For better results, putting the bottle on higher ground is wise. So there won’t be any risk of collision with the water bottle and your hamster. Additionally, it will become easier for the hamster to drink water.   

Can I make my hamster drink water without using a bottle

Q: Can hamsters drink from metal bowls?

Yes, but it is best to select the appropriate material for the bowl. Hamsters tend to chew on almost everything. Plastic or ceramic bowls are susceptible to this habit. Using a chew-resistant heavy-duty material, such as metal (as in the Kaytee Bowl), is clearly a better option.  


Hamsters do drink from bowls. However, like any method, some potential risks come with this. Don’t forget to clean the bowl regularly and replace it with fresh water. 

Additionally, bowls should be carefully chosen and kept in a secure place in the cage where they won’t tip over. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference, whether you choose a bottle or bowl for your hamster. With that being said, hope we answered your question, and good luck!

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