What Fruits Can Hamster Eat? A Healthy Diet

Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. But not all fruits are suitable for your tiny Hamsters. Thus, no one wants to hurt their tiny pets by feeding them the wrong fruits. 

So what fruits can hamster eat? Hamsters can eat apples, mangoes, apricots, watermelons, plums, bananas, pears, strawberries, and even dry fruits. Mainly any fruit containing fiber and water but not excessive amounts of sugar and fat, and no citrus food is allowed for them. 

What amount of fruit is good for the hamster? How should the fruits be served to them? Are there any side effects of the fruits? Wait for a second, you can get all the necessary answers by following this article thoroughly. Let’s get to the ride!

What Fruits Can Hamster Eat?

Hamsters can eat many fruits with high amounts of fiber and water. The high amount of fibers helps to get rid of low-density lipoprotein, which in terms results in increasing high-density lipoprotein to control the cholesterol level in the body.

What Fruits Can Hamster Eat


Apple is a known antioxidant-containing fruit that is considered not only good for humans but for hamsters as well. It contains a high amount of fiber, vitamin B and C, which combinedly helps the hamsters to fight against the disease.

Hamster Eat Apple

Serving the apple in small amounts and also in small pieces is the right way to feed the hamsters. Wash the apple thoroughly and clean off the dirt from it prior to serving. Moreover, you must throw the seeds away as they contain toxic substances that can instantly affect the hamsters. 


Feeding the hamsters a small amount of mango can help to prevent digestive problems and even diarrhea. Washing and removing the skin prior to feeding the hamsters is a must. Also, it is a highly sugary food when dried, which can cause obesity and diabetes if fed in a high amount. 

Hamster Eat Mango


Apricots can help in bowel movement and also in maintaining the digestive system of hamsters. Just remember to remove the apricot stones and skin beforehand and wash it before serving. 


Watermelon is a fruit full of water which also causes no harm to the hamsters if fed in tiny amounts. It does not have essential benefits, though.

Hamster Eat Watermelons


Plums can be a good source for maintaining a balanced diet in hamsters. On the other hand, any type of processed plums should be avoided to feed the hamsters. 


Banana naturally has high sugar content. High sugar is indeed the cause of many diseases. The same goes for hamsters. There is a high chance that the hamsters might become obese if they are continuously fed bananas. 

Hamster Eat Bananas


Pears can be a yummy treat to the hamsters when fed in limited amounts. Too-ripe pears must be avoided. 


Only a small portion of the strawberry can be fed to the hamsters. Avoid giving them the whole strawberry as a treat. Instead, chop the strawberry into small pieces and let them munch it. 

To know more about safe and unsafe food for hamsters, follow this YouTube video!

What Happens If Hamsters Eat Fruits?

Fruits are not only nutritious but also come with a lot of benefits. 

What Fruits Can Hamster Eat
  • Higher content of fiber present in foods helps to maintain the bowel and digestive system. 
  • As mentioned above, fruits help to reduce LDL, which in terms results in reducing cholesterol in the blood. 
  • It also helps to prevent the hamsters from becoming obese. 

Instead of serving them vitamins separately, natural sources of vitamins from fruits can be much more helpful. Natural sources are indeed the right ones for health.

What Happens If Hamsters Eat Fruits

All these components play a role in reducing the sugar and cholesterol levels of the hamsters. Thus, helps to make the body fit and disease free. 

Side Effects Of Fruits

Though fruits can be a delicious snack for hamsters, are fruits safe for hamsters? Yes, Fruits are safe for the hamsters unless they are overfed or forced. Overfeeding is a major problem that works as a precursor for any disease. 

Hamster Eat Fruit

No fruits are free of sugar. Only the amount might vary in different fruits. Hamsters also have the tendency to keep the foods in their mouth for a long time and chew them steadily.

  • Their tiny teeth can get deteriorated over time because of taking sugary foods. 
  • Despite fruits containing less amount of fat and calories, a high amount of fruit can trigger the health of the hamsters. 
  • Also, citrus fruits are strictly prohibited for hamsters as they cause toxicity

So, better to feed them only a limited amount of fruit to prevent any further damage to their health. 

On the other hand, hamsters love to eat. They would not resist any food they find. It will also be difficult to not let them eat. Instead, serve them a tiny portion of the fruits but no citrus fruit.

What Happens If Hamsters Eat Fruits

Let’s look into some of the fruits to avoid and their side effects below:

Fruits Side Effects
Orange Diarrhea, Digestive Stress
Apples Toxicity (seeds), Diabetes, Diarrhea, Obesity, Addiction to sugar
MangoIncrease sugar level, Diabetes
Apricot Diabetes, Diarrhea, Toxicity (seeds and leaves)
PlumPoisoning, Toxicity (leaves, stems and seeds), Vomiting
Banana Diarrhea, Diabetes, Bowel problems, Rise in sugar level
Grape Allergy, Diabetes, Obesity, Increase Cholesterol level
Lemon Indigestibility, fatigue

How Much Fruit Should Be Given To The Hamsters?

Now, as you already know what fruits can hamster eat, you might also want to know the quantity that should be served. 

  • Well, 1-2 tablespoons of fruit should be given to the hamsters but not more than once.
  • Fruits can be served as a snack item to the hamsters but not as the main food. Instead, fresh vegetables and protein must fulfill their diet.
  • Apart from that, giving them seeds or fruits is more likely to be a treat to them. 
How Much Fruit Should Be Given To The Hamsters

But the amount should be considered as no fruit is free from sugar. While sugar is the main culprit behind causing damage to the body by leading to disease. 

How Should Be The Fruits Served?

Try to chop the fruits before serving them to the hamsters. 

Hamsters love to chew food for a long time. Even if you give them a whole apple or a strawberry, they will not hesitate to have those. But eating the whole portion of fruit is rather harmful to them.

How Should Be The Fruits Served

Moreover, limiting the portion of fruits is necessary to feed the hamsters. That’s why chop the fruits thinly and give them to the hamsters. Let them enjoy their snacks in peace.

Bonus: Feed Them Dry Fruits, Not Dried Fruits.

Can Hamsters Eat Dried Fruits? Dried fruits refer to fruits where the water has been removed. It means those fruits have a high amount of sugar content which is not good for the hamsters as it can lead to toxicity. It can include dried apples, dried mango, and more. 

How Should Be The Fruits Served

While dry fruits are mainly nuts which can be served to the hamsters as a snack. No matter what fruit you are giving to your hamster, only a piece or a very small portion should be given. Let them enjoy the delicious fruits without causing any health damage.

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Let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions you have about hamsters and fruits. The common ones are yet better to check.  

Q: What is a hamster’s favorite snack?

Vegetables, fruits, sunflower seeds, and nuts are the favorite snacks of hamsters. Snacks should be given once a day and not in a greater amount as they are not meant to have essential health effects rather it is for a refreshment. 

Q: Should I give my hamster fruit every day?

Yes but consider the amount. Fruits are healthy, so giving them every day as a snack is good. But too many sugary fruits must be avoided. You should only give fruits in a small amount every day or twice a week depending on the other conditions. 

Q: What fruit is poisonous to a hamster?

Citrus fruits, star fruit, and even seeds of fruits can cause harm to a hamster. Moreover, the skin should also be removed prior to serving the hamsters. All these can have an adverse effect on their health.

Bottom Line

Overall, What fruits can hamster eat? A variety of fruits are considered safe for the hamster. As long as you do not overfeed them, any fruit can be a treat to joy. Also, certain fruits should be avoided in order to ensure that hamsters are not subjected to toxicity. 

Therefore, always take a look at what you are feeding your hamsters. Nevertheless, do not deprive them of the joy of having delicious fruits. Rather, maintain the portion size and reward them with flavorful fruits. This is how you can fulfill their required nutrition and save them from falling sick. 

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