Why Does My Guinea Pig Squeak When I Pet Him | How Do They Feel?

Guinea pigs can make squeaking sounds in joy, irritation, or even when they are scared when you pet them. By watching their behavioral changes, you can tell which mood they are in right now.

 Why Does My Guinea Pig Squeak When I Pet Him

So, in this article, you will learn the reasons why your guinea pig squeaks when you pet him, and how you can reduce their squeaking sound elaborately.

Reasons Why My Guinea Pig Squeak When I Pet Him

There are several reasons why your guinea pig may squeak when you pet him. It can be out of sheer excitement or can be out of angriness. 

Being Happy 

Guinea pigs can be happy and cheerful when you pet them. Like human behaviors, guinea pigs will give a high-pitch squeaking sound to you out of excitement.

If you give them their favorite foods and then pet them, they will squeal with joy and will eat their food. This is the way they show their gratitude towards people whom they like too.

The more time you spend with your guinea pig, the more it will recognize you. And whenever you are going in front of him or pet him, he will squeak out of joy.

Look at the link down below how they are squeaking and showing they are happy while getting petted-

 Reasons Why Guinea Pig Squeak When I Pet Him

Being Mad

When your guinea pigs feel irritated or mad, do not try to pet them. This is normal nature for a guinea pig to be mad, but how do understand when they become mad?

Here are some of the ways you can tell whether their squeak is an irritating squeak or not-

  • When their squeaking sound is not higher as usual.
  • Your guinea pig is meeting another guinea pig.
  • Your guinea pig is fighting with other guinea pigs.
  • When you are cutting their nails, they do not like you to do it.
  • When they are in protective mode. 

During this period, if you try to pet them, they will squeak like they are mad and also can attack you too. Now, is guinea pig offensive? You can learn more about them to calm them down too.

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Getting Scared Of Something

Sometimes, you may hear your guinea pig squeak by hearing a loud sound. This means they got scared of the sudden noise. 

Now, guinea pigs can get scared of anything that they think is harmful to them. Even their owners can be a trouble from their perspective. When they squeak out of fear, you may sometimes not understand.

Before you can pet your guinea pig, you need to earn his trust first. He may get scared of a new environment too. You need to make them feel safe as much as you can to stop their squeaking.

Ways To Stop Guinea Pigs Squeaking

Guinea pigs can squeak out of joy, fear, or even when they are angry. Now, how to stop their squeaking sounds? There are some possible ways to do it.

Here are some quick tips for you to stop your guinea pig’s squeaking sound-

Scratching Under My Guinea Pigs Chin
  • Earn their trust first. It is necessary to make them feel comfortable. 
  • Do not suddenly start petting them. Show your hands going for a petting session so that they understand.
  • Do you know that guinea pigs like getting pet on head? So, pet their head to give them the most comfort.
  • You can scratch under their chins. They like the scratching over there.
  • Sometimes, your guinea pigs will try to walk away after getting petted. If they try to do so, let them be.
  • Never try to touch your guinea pig’s legs. They hate legs getting touched. There are five shocking signs your guinea pig hates you, and this can be one of them.

Try to follow these steps and surely you can stop your guinea pigs squeaking a lot. In fact, they will be in their comfort zone if you do it in an above-mentioned way.

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1. Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak When You Rub Their Back?

Guinea Pigs love to get a good petting on their back. You may see them squeaking loudly, which means they are very satisfied.
Just pet their back gently, they enjoy getting petted on their back.

2. Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak When You Hold Them?

Guinea pigs may squeak for two reasons when you hold them-

  • They are getting pressure
  • They are having fun.

Final Words

Like every other animal, guinea pigs also have emotions. If they are squeaking, they are giving any type of sign.

So, if you ever get the thought “why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him”, no need to worry. This can be either because they are happy, or they are mad. 

So, be careful and maintain the above-mentioned methods to be safe from your pet guinea pigs.

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