Why Is My Guinea Pig Shaking | Know The Core Facts

Many people who have taken guinea pigs as their pet animal has asked the question, “Why is my guinea pig shaking?”

Guinea pigs can shake for many reasons like when they are happy, scared, getting pain, dominating, and even in cold too. 

Why Is My Guinea Pig Shaking

Shaking is not a major issue, but sometimes because of parasitic diseases, they feel a lot of pain and shake. 

So, in this article, you will learn why they shake with elaboration, and how to reduce their shakiness.

Reasons Behind Guinea Pigs Shaking

There are several reasons why guinea pigs can shake. It can be from out of joy to out of pain too. 

Here are all the reasons why a guinea pig can shake.

Dominating Vibe

A guinea pig can shake when they see a new rookie come into the cage. They will shake their but and will make a rumbling noise. 

This means they are exerting dominance over the newly recruited guinea pig. You can easily detect it because you are adding a new guinea pig into the cage. Sometimes, they can get into quarrels because of not knowing each other. 

So, you need to learn “why are male guinea pigs fighting drawing blood and how to prevent it” to control their shakiness and fighting.


Happiness can make guinea pigs shaky too. You may be wondering why all of a sudden your guinea pig started shaking. The reason can be that they are happy for any reason.

When they are excited or happy in their comfortable environment, they shake a lot.  So, it is not a big concern. 

But check them out if there are any symptoms of their shakiness.

Check the link down below how a pet guinea pig is shaking out of joy-


Guinea pigs can shake out of the cold. This shakiness can be a normal behavior like humans. When we are in a cold room, we also shake out of the cold too.

Now, how do you understand that they are shaking because of the cold?

Take your guinea pig from the room of low temperature to a high-temperature room and check whether they are still shaking or not. This can determine their shakiness too.


Sickness can be a big and bad reason for a guinea pig’s shaking. Now, diseases are not the only options for guinea pigs to shake, it can be the cause of disorder too.

The sickness of guinea pigs can be made by parasites known as Guinea pig mange. These parasites can give pain, and shakiness, and make them twitch their bodies too. Normally, detecting guinea pigs’ sickness is a bit hard as they can hide their pain.

But if they are shaking and the symptoms of the parasitic attack are showing, you should immediately start their treatment.

Guinea Pigs Symptoms Of Sickness

Fear From Noises Or Significant Changes

Who does not shake when he/she is scared. Like human beings, guinea pigs also shake when they are in fear. The fear can come from loud noises or can come from different changes in the environment.

This happens when they get stressed by the change in environment. But you do not need to worry about this. A few loud noises can make them stressed, but they can manage to pull that up. 

Still, what you can do is you can change their environment of theirs so that they can feel comfortable and calm. Now, do guinea pigs like music? You can check if they do so or not so that you can take them to the room filled with music.

How To Stop The Shakiness Of My Guinea Pigs

Shaking is a normal symptom. If your guinea pig is shaking for some reason, it is not that of a big matter. They can be shaking either because of joy, stress, or a dominating vibe. 

How To Reduce Guinea Pigs Shaking

But what if they are shaking because of fear or pain? That is a concerning matter. You can follow these steps to reduce their shakiness.

Contacting A Veterinarian 

You need to understand first if your guinea pig is shaking because of pain or in any deeper problems. If so, then you surely need to go to a veterinarian so that they can figure it out. 

Parasites is the most common disease that can cause guinea pigs pain. If this is a parasitic attack shake, then you have to check them out from the closest veterinarian.

Adding More Space And Hiding Places

Adding hiding places can be a great idea for your guinea pigs. They can hide themselves to get the most comfort from your house. Sometimes, guinea pigs shake because of the environment. 

So, creating hiding places can be a great start to reducing their shakiness too.

Final Words

Shaking can be a normal term when it comes to guinea pigs. But still, if you are facing the issue and having any doubts like “Why is my guinea pig shaking?” then do not worry.

Just show a veterinarian or first check the symptoms of your guinea pigs shaking. It does not take that long to find out the reason behind their shakiness.

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