What To Do When Guinea Pigs Suddenly Not Getting Along?

Fights between guinea pigs may be shocking and terrifying. As long as you do not respond swiftly, the conflict might end in serious harm. Attempting to dismantle a guinea pig scrap is a risky endeavor: A guinea pig in fury is just as likely to attack you as his opponent is to attack him.

A quick escalation in antagonism between two cavies may transform them from soft and docile to battling for their lives. What to do when guinea pigs suddenly not getting along?

Take quick action if such things happen. Try to understand the behavior of your pet, take action for self-preservation, separate the combatants, and reintroduce themselves softly. 

What To Do When Guinea Pigs Suddenly Not Getting Along

Keep a close eye on how they act over time. To begin, confirm that your guinea pigs are engaged in combat.

Domination activities are more prevalent among guinea pigs than conflicts, which they utilize to establish their social order.

What To Do When Guinea Pigs Suddenly Not Getting Along

Understand the Signs

Normally, guinea pigs love spending time with other guinea pigs of the same species. They may sometimes struggle to maintain social harmony. Dominance behaviors include rumbling, chasing, dry-humping, and even a bite on the bum.

All will be back to normal in the majority of situations, as long as there is an established dominance hierarchy among the group of guinea pigs involved. There may be a fight if no one backs down, though.

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Act Quickly

This is the most crucial thing you can do when you see guinea pigs fighting beyond typical dominance behavior. Shocking wounds may be caused by the teeth of Guinea Pigs because they are long and sharp.

When guinea pigs fight, they may inflict serious injuries and even kill one another, which can leave one of them permanently disabled. Monitor aggressive guinea pigs, particularly if they start chattering their teeth.

Self-Preservation is a Must!

Medical treatment is required if you get bitten on the hand by an out-of-control guinea pig. A towel or thick gloves may be used to keep your hands safe from the animals’ fangs. It is possible to get between guinea pigs using a broom, a dustpan, or any other useful object.

Guinea Pigs Suddenly Not Getting Along

Separate the Combatants

Once the guinea pigs have calmed down, you must separate them as far as possible. Put fighters in separate rooms so they can not see or hear each other.

Remove the opponent from view, and an irate pig will calm down in no time. Use gloves or cloth while touching them since not all guinea pigs calm down fast; an angry animal may perceive your touch as an assault.

Reintroduce Carefully

As soon as they have calmed down, you may begin carefully bringing them back into each other’s company. Choose a place where neither animal feels the need to protect its territory from an intruder, such as a playpen or sofa.

Reintroduce Guinea Pigs Carefully

If the conflict restarts, have your safety gear at the ready. Keep an eye out for signs of violent conduct and intervene before it gets out of hand. Sometimes you can distract them with veggies or snacks so they forget their steak.

Peaceful coexistence between two cavies may need you to separate them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Do I Do If My Guinea Pigs Hate Each Other?

Cages that are too small, animals that have been paired wrongly, animals that are ill or wounded, or simply animals who are bored are the most common causes of conflicts. Fights may be avoided by providing plenty of things to do in their cage, as well as ensuring sure the cage is large enough.

2. How Do You Get Guinea Pigs To Like Each Other?

It will take some time for them to feel confident enough to approach each other. The guinea pigs may be distracted by a salad, which can help them connect. 

As a result, they will be more likely to share sweets with one another in the future. Do not worry about them fighting over the food if you give them enough!

3. Is It Important To Getting Along?

Keeping guinea pigs alone might be isolating, but they thrive in groups. There is no harm in keeping just female and male guinea pigs in order to prevent unwanted mating.

4. How Do You Tell If My Guinea Pigs Are Getting Along?

It is important to keep an eye on them for signs that they are getting along with one another. There will be a great deal of engagement and clamor. After a period of constant nose-to-nose contact, the guinea pigs will gradually settle down for a mutual rest and grooming session.

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We hope this article will help you understand what to do when guinea pigs suddenly not getting along. There are several reasons why your guinea pigs may suddenly begin fighting. In addition, there are a number of ways you might address the issue, depending on the circumstances.

Intervention is not always necessary in guinea pig conflicts. Due to the lack of a genuine problem, most battles terminate sooner than expected.

Keep a close eye on the guinea pigs’ battles to prevent them from becoming any worse.

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