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If you have a guinea pig, you know that their nails can get pretty long if they aren’t adequately taken care of. While you can take them to a professional to get their nails clipped, it’s also not too difficult to do it yourself at home. So, how to clip guinea pig nails?

How to Clip Guinea Pig Nails

While this may seem daunting, it’s not that difficult – especially when you know how to do it properly. Guinea pigs have four toes on each foot and nails that are pretty long and sharp. Clip the nails very short, using a nail clipper designed for guinea pigs. If the nail is too long, it can damage the foot.

For a few reasons, trimming or caring for your guinea pig’s nails might be one of the most challenging tasks. This guide will help you to clip guinea pig nails.

How to Trim Guinea Pig Nails?

Guinea pigs have nails that need to be trimmed. Some animal lovers have a hard time trimming guinea pig nails. These steps will help them to trim guinea pig nails.

How to Trim Guinea Pig Nails
  • Decide between a few nail clippers.
  • Be Particularly Wary of The Brisk
  • Purchase cornstarch or styptic powder and choose a towel.
  • Set up the area
  • Free your pet guinea pig from its cage
  • Place the guinea pig in your lap after wrapping it in a hand towel.
  • Let Your Guinea Pig Be Loose
  • Select a leg, delicately pull it out, and fasten a nail.
  • Trim the nail using the trimmers you’ve got in your other hand.
  • Clip the nails on the side of the Guinea pig’s foot into the bowl of water.
  • Let the Guinea pig nails soak for a few minutes, then carefully dry them.
  • Restore it to their enclosure and remove the nail ornaments.

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How to Cut Guinea Pig Nails?

Process of Cut Guinea Pig Nails.

Guinea pigs have nails that are made of keratin. When Guinea pigs are groomed, their nails are clipped, and the excess skin is removed. The nails are filed down to a point, and the cuticles are removed.

  • To cut Guinea pig nails, use a small, sharp nail clipper. 
  • Make the one cut at a time, angling the clipper so that the blade’s edge barely touches the nail. 
  • Don’t cut too deep, or you’ll cause bleeding and pain.

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How to Cut Guinea Pig Nails That Are Black?

There is nothing wrong with having black nails. Some guinea pigs have white nails, some have black nails, and some have a combination. The main difference is that the quickness of the nail is more difficult to notice in black nails.

The black color of the nails is not a problem.

Simply begin pruning conservatively at first until you get the feel of it.  A little at a time and the quick eventually recedes. Keep some Kwik-Stop powder on hand in case you cut too deeply.

How to Trim Guinea Pig Nails Without Getting Bit?

Guinea pigs have sharp nails that can prick you if not trimmed correctly. Trimming nails effectively without getting bit is possible with a few simple steps.

  • Cut nails close to the quick using clippers. Guinea pigs have two quick – the one near their pinky toe and the one near their big toe.
  • Trim the nails on the side of the quick.
  • Trim the nails on the top of the quick.
  • You can smooth the nails with the clippers also if you want.
Guinea pig

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How Long Should Guinea Pig Nails Be?

While it’s preferable to trim your piggie’s nails as near to the quick as possible, it’s not always practicable. Guinea pig nails should be kept short, no more than one inch. Numerous owners lack the patience or skill to securely “quick-close” trim their clumsy, small piggies.

How Long Should Guinea Pig Nails Be

However, you may assess your guinea pig’s ideal nail length by observation:

  • Your pet must trim their claws if they make a loud clicking sound when they touch laminate or tile floors.
  • The nails should be kept short (without cutting them quick), which completely prevents the nail from curling.

The “quick” of the nail should always be considered while cutting the nail as short as feasible.

The following video shows what you can do if your guinea pig hurts when you are cutting his nails:

What Are the Problems of Long Guinea Pig Nails?

The blood artery known as the “quick” will keep growing as your guinea pigs’ nails do. Eventually, the nails will begin to curl. This curl puts additional strain on your guinea pig’s feet and raises the risk of injury. The problems of having long guinea pig nails are given: 

Your guinea pig's feet are put under more pressure when curled.
  • Foot injuries: If the toes get too lengthy, they are more prone to get tangled in carpets or bedding. It can be pretty unpleasant and perhaps result in a torn nail if they snag their nails on those things.
  • Skin infections: If your Guinea Pigs’ nails aren’t cut, they’ll curl and eventually damage them. Although they might not initially detect it, when they move around and bear weight on their feet, the nail will begin to pierce the pads of their feet. This results in inflammation, redness, and potential infection.
  • Moving is challenging: If your guinea pig’s nails are too long, it could be challenging for your pet to walk. Because it’s conceivable that your small pet will stop moving or perhaps cease strolling toward their feeding bowls, this is quite harmful. 

If you notice, your guinea pig jerks its head up. It can lead to some severe problems. This particular problem mainly causes many issues.

Frequently Asked Question

When to cut guinea pig nails?

Guinea pigs are very active animals and must be able to move around to stay healthy. However, regular clipping of their nails can help to keep them clean and comfortable. Guinea pigs should have their nails clipped every two to four weeks.

When to cut guinea pig nails

Which are the guinea pig nail infection?

There are a few Guinea Pig Nail Infection Symptoms that you may notice your guinea pig exhibiting. The most common symptom is the guinea pig scratching its skin excessively, especially its face and back. 

Other symptoms may include swollen lymph nodes, fever, and lethargy. A Guinea Pig Nail Infection can lead to serious health complications, including sepsis, pneumonia, and even death if left untreated.

Guinea pig

Final Words

Now, you know, “how to clip guinea pig nails.” Clipping your guinea pig’s nails is not as difficult as it may seem. 

With a bit of practice, you can do it quickly and efficiently. Remember to use sharp, specifically designed nail clippers and to be careful not to cut them quickly. Applying styptic powder will help stop the bleeding if you accidentally cut quickly. If you are unsure of how to proceed, it is best to seek the help of a veterinarian or professional groomer.

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