My Hamster Is Cold and Wobbly | What Can Be the Reasons?

Hamsters are cute when they run or walk, aren’t they? But sometimes you may see your hamster wobbling while they are walking. You may think, ”My hamster is cold and wobbly.”

My Hamster is Cold and Wobbly

Your hammies may face them because of cold temperature, dehydration, or ear infection. If so, do you know how to reduce it?

In this guide, you will learn what are the reasons behind your hamster’s cold and wobbliness, and how to reduce them if occurs.

Reason Behind My Hamster’s Cold and Wobbliness

Hamsters are adorable when they run from one place to another. It is mesmerizing to watch them. But while watching them, you may find they are trembling or wobbling.

Symptoms of Hamsters Cold in Low Ambient Temperature

Now, what can be the reason behind their wobbling and trembling?

Hamsters can wobble and tremble for some reason-

  • The ambient temperature is too cold for them
  • Due to severe dehydration
  • Ear infection or tumor

Low Ambient Temperature

As hamsters are small cute mammals, they have very low body temperature. So, warm places are indeed essential for them to be healthy. 

Sometimes, you will find them shaking or cold or wobbling in a room where you feel the temperature is a bit low. This means they are not compatible with that temperature. 

Sometimes, they may go into hibernation because of low temperature. Now, there are some activity changes you will in them when they are in hibernation-

  • They stopped running
  • They are not making any new burrows
  • Your hamsters are not playing

If you see these symptoms inside a hamster, it is probably facing illness of cold and wobbliness.

Severe Dehydration

Your hammie can get into severe dehydration out of the cold. This means it is sick badly. The percentage of a hamster getting better from this sickness is low, but taking it urgently to a veterinarian is the best option.

 My Hamster is Cold and Wobbly Because of Dehydration

Now, why does your hamster get into severe dehydration? If they are feeling cold for a long time, their inner water circular system replenishes quickly. That time, they need a lot of water.

If you see your hamster is shaking and wobbling, you should provide it with as much as water you can or take it to a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

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Ear Infection or Tumour

Sometimes, your little mammal can wobble because of an ear infection or tumor. Do you know which set of tissues within mammals helps them to balance? They are known as the vestibular system.

My Hamster is Cold and Wobbly Because of Ear Infection

Now, if you see your hamster wobbling while walking, check somewhere within their ears. There may be either infection or tumor. If you find any of them, immediately go to a veterinarian, because this is a critical condition for your hamster.

If a tumor occurs, your hamster may face severe pain and wobble more than usual. But can a hamster survive with a tumor

If this is not because of the vestibular system, your hamster may have faced a stroke. This will make them unsteady on their feet. But for either reason, vet treatment is essential.

Here is a link down below for you to check what happens when they get a stroke and how to handle it-

How to Reduce Cold and Wobbliness of My Hamster

Hamsters are light-weighted and vulnerable to any diseases. As they are small, their body temperature is also very low. So, whenever the environment changes, they may face cold and wobbliness because of that.

Now, how to reduce the cold and wobbliness of your hamster? There are several things you may try to reduce it. Here are some of the best strategies to proceed how you can reduce your little mammal’s cold and wobbliness-

  • Provide them with a lot of water. This is important for them because they get dehydrated out of the cold.
  • The environment can work as a double-edged sword. If the environment is warm, your hamster will find it joyful. But if the environment is cooler than normal, then they will feel cold and wobble.
    Make sure your hammies are not facing any cool environment. Keep them in a room with high room temperature.
  • Your hamsters may face severe ear infections and wobble. Make sure your hamster is all okay. Take them to a nearby veterinarian for a checkup if you see any symptoms.

It does not matter whether your hamster is a baby or an adult, if they are facing cold and wobbliness, you need to check them. But do you know what happens if you touch your hamster’s babies? It is crucial to understand before touching them.

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Final Words

You may face your hamster being cold and say “My hamster is cold and wobbly”. But immediate steps should be taken if any of the above conditions are seen inside your hamster.

One fact we should always keep in mind is that these little rodent animals can not say when they are in pain or in a bad condition. So, we should take extra care of them always.

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